» New York Times - Critics’ Pick. “… in a field [of docs] becoming more crowded by the year, Family Affair emerges as one of its more complex and unsettling examples.”

» Video Librarian 2011 Best Documentaries Highly recommends FAMILY AFFAIR for colleges, universities & public libraries; adding that the film "mirrors the literature of Alice Walker and Maya Angelou." 

» The Boston Globe declares FAMILY AFFAIR  "one of the most psychologically complex movies ever made about either racial identity or abuse of any kind." 

» Variety "The documentary [Colvard] has made will shock even the most jaded audiences, disgust many and generate righteous indignation in an era when such sentiments might seem passé." 

» Hammer to Nail calls FAMILY AFFAIR "an incredibly moving testimony to the power of human resilience." 

» Filmmaker Magazine hails the film as "emotionally wrenching in the extreme and observant of a milieu that just about never gets represented in cinema. Chico Colvard's FAMILY AFFAIR is a small revelation." 

» Film School Rejects writes that FAMILY AFFAIR is "a courageous achievement, a rare example of a filmmaker exposing himself without restrictions, unearthing a dark story of personal and universal significance, with just the right measure of hope." 

» PopMatters names FAMILY AFFAIR a very nearly perfect film. Cynthia Fuchs writes that the film "doesn't judge the horrors that shape Chico Colvard's family. Instead, it wonders at their trauma and celebrates their survival."

» The Boston Globe FAMILY AFFAIR "is nearly perfect... a melodrama and psychological thriller... The movie is provocative and shocking in the way a piece of nonfiction ought to be. It's a stunning story that's stunningly told."

» WBOC - Delware's News Leader gives FAMILY AFFAIR 5 out of 5 stars.

» The Daily Californian "Family Affair shares interests with... Capturing the Friedmans, but hits deeper, gutsier notes... the film moves like a thriller. Simply put? An unforgettable film."

» Schema Magazine "This is one of those films at the [Vancouver International Film Festival] that people will debate long after it's over."

» The Hollywood Reporter "Chico Colvard's film should be the starting point for many provocative discussions about violation, guilt and reconciliation. In examining his own family's history, Colvard does not go for easy answers." 

» The WITNESS Blog list FAMILY AFFAIR as one of "three must-see documentaries". 

» The St. Louis American "Of the more than 70 films included in the 19th Annual St. Louis International Film Festival - few will leave the lasting impression Colvard's first person documentary."

» The Independent Weekly strongly recommends FAMILY AFFAIR to Full Frame audiences and writes that Colvard's "naked honesty and respect for all involved keep the film from feeling exploitative, and his sisters... emerge as heroes."

» The Baltimore Sun FAMILY AFFAIR "rivals the whirlpool of family complications in Andrew Jarecki's Capturing the Friedmans and... Dan Kores' Crazy Love."

» Stranger Than Fiction Blog Thom Powers writes "The subject of incest is hard to tackle and Chico conquers it in a beautifully intimate way, never overwhelming the audience with too much information.... This could have been a film that sends the audience into a downward spiral of horror and shock.... Well done." 

» No Ordinary Fool - Ireland "True to the spirit of unvarnished independent filmmaking, this is a work that shocks and moves in equal measure."